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Welcome to ImmunoChemistry Technologies

ICT offers reliable solutions for cellular analysis and immunoassay development.
Explore our cell viability assay kits and ELISA reagents.

ELISA & Assay Reagents

ICT provides all the components you need to build a better ELISA.
ICT’s coating buffers, blockers, sample and assay diluents, conjugate stabilizers, and wash buffer all work together to minimize the build up of unwanted proteins to generate a very clean signal.

NEW PRODUCT:  Protein-Free Sample Diluent is used for the dilution of biological samples into the useful range of antibody-sandwich or antigen-down ELISA assays.  This unique buffer contains a heterogeneous mixture of proprietary molecules that help reduce background noise associated with non-specific binding of signal generating conjugates to the plate well surface.

Cell Viability Assays

ImmunoChemistry Technologies cell viability assays include a large range of fluorescent whole cell assays for intracellular apoptosis detection and cellular analysis. ICT’s line of assay kits can detect apoptosis, necrosis, intracellular caspase activity, cell-mediated cytotoxicity, activated serine proteases, oxidative stress, mitochondrial membrane permeability, and much more!

NEW PRODUCT:  FLIVO products are cell permeant, non-toxic caspase inhibitors, allowing for the in vivo detection of caspase-mediated apoptosis in living animals.  FLIVO is very sensitive and will also detect naturally occurring, low-level apoptosis.

Bright Minds, Bright Solutions

Cell Viability Assays

Detect apoptosis, cytotoxicity, mitochondrial membrane permeability, oxidative stress, serine protease activity, and more with ICT’s easy, bright, and reliable fluorescent cell viability assays.

ELISA & Assay Reagents

Stock up on all the reagents needed to develop immunoassays with low background noise and high specific signal. Build a better assay with ICT’s buffers, diluents, conjugate stabilizers, and more.

Recombinant Proteins

Explore our line of purified and carrier-free recombinant cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, and other immunology-related proteins for use as ELISA standards, in Western Blot assays, and cell culture applications.

Immunoassay Services

ICT’s service laboratory utilizes years of experience in protein chemistry and ELISA optimization to assist you in assay development, conjugation, lyophilization, and more!

Want to learn more?

Explore ICT’s webinar library to watch presentations on topics ranging from apoptosis detection to ELISA optimization.