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HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Mammalian, 1X


Preserve activity of HRP conjugates and reduce background signal in immunoassays using HRP detection systems. HRP Conjugate Stabilizer is used to preserve concentrated stock conjugates, reconstitute lyophilized conjugates, and dilute antibody-HRP conjugates to their useful working titer in ELISAs and immunology-based techniques.

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HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Mammalian, 1X preserves the activity of HRP-protein conjugates during storage, reconstitution, and immunoassay use. This HRP stabilizer can be used to store concentrated stock HRP conjugates, reconstitute lyophilized conjugates, and dilute HRP conjugated antibodies to their useful working titer in ELISA tests and immunology-based techniques. HRP Conjugate Stabilizer is especially suited for ELISAs using anti-IgG HRP conjugates within traditional antigen-down or antibody sandwich formats. Additional components may be added to HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Mammalian, 1X to optimize it for particular ELISA format compositions or for use in other immunological techniques. Antimicrobial agents are included to retard bacterial growth.

HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Mammalian, 1X preserves the functional integrity of the horseradish peroxidase enzyme and immunoglobulin components of stock conjugates upon reconstitution or dilution to its working concentration for ELISA or other immunology-based techniques. Its proprietary formula also stabilizes the HRP conjugate during storage and enhances the bond between detection HRP conjugated antibody and target antigen or antibody.

Mammalian proteins and salt additives provide structural support to both the immunoglobulin and HRP components of the conjugate, preserving enzymatic and IgG activity and stabilizing the conjugate bond.

HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Mammalian, 1X inhibits the HRP conjugate from binding to nonspecific serum proteins in the sample, thereby reducing conjugate bridging on the ELISA plate surface and reducing non-specific background noise.

1. Protect the HRP Conjugate Stabilizer from light. This may be done by covering the container with aluminum foil.
2. Add the HRP-conjugated protein at the target concentration to HRP Conjugate Stabilizer. For example, if diluting an HRP-conjugated antibody 1:5000, add 10 µL conjugate stock to 49.99 mL HRP Conjugate Stabilizer.
3. Mix for 15 minutes.
4. Use the diluted HRP conjugate in the immunoassay.
5. Store remaining HRP conjugate solution at 2-8°C. Protect from direct exposure to light.

Results of a stability study using HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Mammalian, 1X in an antigen-down ELISA format demonstrate its ability to maintain the HRP-conjugated IgG signal in a known-positive serum sample over a period of twelve months. HRP Conjugate Stabilizer enabled the retention of nearly 80% of the original signal while the signal from an HRP conjugate stored in a competing product decreased to 70% of its initial value over the same period.


• pH: 7.4 at 1X
• Supplied At: 1X
• Contains: Mammalian proteins
• Storage: 2-8°C