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ELISA Wash Buffer, 10X


ELISA Wash Buffer, 10X effectively rinses microtiter plates between reagent addition steps of an ELISA to remove signal-altering debris yet preserve assay components.

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ICT’s ELISA Wash Buffer formulation is used to rinse microtiter plates during the coating process and between reagent addition steps of an ELISA.

This buffer is an optimal formulation of pH stabilizers, salts, and detergents designed to effectively remove excess material from the microtiter plate wells without disrupting the ELISA binding reaction. By maintaining the proper buffering environment, unbound assay components can be washed away without suppressing antigen-antibody binding interactions, thereby reducing nonspecific background noise and increasing the specific signal.

ELISA Wash Buffer may be used with antibody-sandwich ELISAs and antigen-down ELISAs, and is compatible with all routinely used conjugate components such as HRP, AP, and avidin, among others. ELISA Wash Buffer contains a non-azide, non-mercury preservative that will not interfere with antibody-antigen binding interactions.

1. Dilute ELISA Wash Buffer, 10X by adding 1 part ELISA Wash Buffer to 9 parts deionized water and mix for 15 minutes. ELISA Wash Buffer, 10X is supplied concentrated, so crystalline precipitates may form in the bottle, especially when refrigerated. If this happens, gently warm or mix the buffer until all crystals are dissolved. Do not let it boil.
2. Completely fill the wells of the ELISA plate with 1X wash buffer (about 400 µL/well). The diluted wash buffer may be dispensed through a squirt bottle, a plate washer, through a multi-channel pipette, or through an automated system.
3. Aspirate or dump out the buffer and repeat for a total of 2-4 washes.
4. After the final dump or aspiration, pound the plate on paper towels to remove any excess liquid.
If washing the plate during the coating process, we recommend 2-3 washes after the coating step before adding the block buffer. If washing the plate as part of an ELISA procedure, we recommend 3-4 washes after the sample incubation and after the conjugate incubation.

• pH: 7.2 at 1X
• Contains: No proteins
• Supplied At: 10X
• Storage: Room temperature or 2-8°C

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