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Antibody-Sandwich ELISA Development Kit


Assess assay feasibility and optimize ELISA performance parameters with ICT’s Antibody-Sandwich ELISA Development Kit. Beneficial to both novice and experienced users, this kit provides eight specially formulated ELISA buffers, 96-well plates, plate storage materials, and a template for the initial development and optimization of a novel antibody-sandwich format ELISA. From coating buffer to substrate and stop solutions, this kit contains enough reagent to perform ten 96-well ELISA plate assays.

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An antibody-sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay refers to an ELISA plate configuration whereby the analyte being quantified is bound, or “sandwiched” between two layers of antibodies (i.e. capture and detection antibody). Antibody-sandwich ELISAs are used to quantify the amount of target analyte present in a sample. ICT’s Antibody Sandwich ELISA Development Kit provides eight specially formulated liquid components, 96-well plates, plate storage materials, plus a detailed guide for the initial development and optimization process of your own novel antibody-sandwich ELISA. Everything from coating buffer to substrate and stop solutions are included within this comprehensive development kit. Each kit comes with enough liquid reagent and ELISA plates to perform ten 96-well ELISA plate assays. This kit is convenient, instructive, and offers an economical pathway toward achieving your goal of developing your own research project specific ELISA.

Antibody-Sandwich ELISA Development Milestones:

1. Acquisition of Key Assay Components
2. Demonstration of Basic Assay Feasibility
3. Optimization of Capture Antibody Coating
4. Resolution of Sample Matrix Interference Issues
5. Optimization of HRP-IgG Conjugate Concentration
6. Demonstration of ELISA Performance Capabilities

• Antibody Coating Buffer, 5X, 100 mL (Catalog #644)
• Neptune™ Block, 500 mL (Catalog #63)
• Neptune™ Sample Diluent, 500 mL (Catalog #6125)
• Neptune™ Assay Diluent, 100 mL (Catalog #626)
• HRP Conjugate Stock Stabilizer, 5X, 100 mL (Catalog #667)
• ELISA Wash Buffer, 10X, 500 mL (Catalog #651)
• TMB 1-Component HRP Microwell Substrate, 2 x 100 mL (Catalog #6276)
• Stop Solution for TMB Substrates, 2 x 100 mL (Catalog #6282)
• Costar® 96-Well EIA/RIA Stripwell™ Plates, 10 plates (Catalog #25)
• ELISA Plate Sealing Covers, 1 x 10 pack (Catalog #6287)
• Foil ELISA Plate Storage Bags, 1 x 10 pack (Catalog #6288)
• Dessicant Packets, 1 x 10 pack (Catalog #6289)